All contract types: Purchase, Sale, Commission- or Back to Back , handled with DycoTrade, in one application. Pricing and cost-price calculation functionality will enhance your margins.

DycoTrade offers different kinds of pricing types for Physical, Future and Foreign exchange contracts. Ranging from fixed pricing where the price is agreed upon contract negotiation, to average pricing based on exchange prices such as the ICE, CBOT, LME, Platts, etc.. Import exchange prices which are not only used for Mark to Market valuation and Cashflow predictions, but also for contract pricing and market indications on contract creation and expected margin calculations.

Pricing for soft commodities in DycoTrade can be on a flat/fixed basis, outright (market price plus or minus premium/discount) or unpriced, where the exchange, product and period are registered and the price is fixed at a later stage.

Like soft commodity pricing, flat, fixed and unpriced options are available. Next to that, average pricing allows the user to have the physical product and the foreign exchange rate to be fixed during a quotation period. Of course, full traceability is available to stay in control and on top of any price risk.

Full control in your product related costs

On purchase and sales contracts all costs (freight, customs, insurance, banking costs and other miscellaneous charges) can be registered. This gives continuous access to information regarding your purchase costs and sales margins. Based on these costs the pre-calculated profit can be determined and later compared with the actuals. Structure your internal invoice flow by matching incoming cost invoices to your expected accrued costs and get rid of paper flows within your business.


DycoTrade Team working on Commodity ERP Solution Finance

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Through the years DycoTrade has become very experienced in implementing solutions for customers worldwide. Whenever availability and/or support are required from a local Dynamics AX partner, DycoTrade can provide them through its international partner network.

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