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You can access a real-time overview of your commodities and currency position.
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Fully in control of your commodity business with the DycoTrade Commodity ERP Solution.

DycoTrade offers a state-of-the-art commodity, trade and risk management (CTRM) Solution, fully based on/integrated with MS Dynamics 365 F&SCM. In other words the Commodity ERP Solution. With DycoTrade you keep control of your trading operations, optimize logistics, mitigate risks and is fully integrated with accounting.

DycoTrade supports your business requirements with an out-of-the-box solution characterized by rich functionality and very intuitive and user friendly screens. Standard with a quick start report set and BI dashboards to monitor and analyze operations and risks.

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Commodity ERP Solution Software for Metals Industry

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Solution Parts

  • MS Dynamics 365 F&SCM
  • Trade
  • Logistics & operations
  • Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Business Intelligence Reporting

Built on a strong foundation

Integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework, DycoTrade is a full service CTRM platform. A Next Generation ERP solution used by companies worldwide.

Microsoft is committed to continuously deliver powerful, agile, easy-to-use solutions that add value across your organization and any stakeholders.
The release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management is a delivery on this commitment and helps to provide more business value, faster than ever.

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All contract types in one application

Pricing and cost-price calculation functionality will enhance your margins.

Track physical commitments and positions, attach pricing details, expected costs, commission details and contract terms. The physical contracts are the source of logistical movements and risk insight and hedging. Purchase- and sales contracts contain all details related to the physical positions throughout the DycoTrade system. On top of the registration of all your trade information DycoTrade offers additional CTRM functionality.

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Smart and efficient logistics

Plan, ship, document and track any physical commodity movement.

Stay in control of all logistical movements, whether these are moving from origins to warehouses, between warehouses or to customers. The DycoTrade Logistical module allows full flexibility in the granularity of physical transport tracking.

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Managing commodity, credit and currency risk is a daily task for trading companies

DycoTrade manages any risk with the Risk Management modules.

No matter the risk management strategy: fully hedged, lumpsum position management, hedge accounting, the top-of-the-class functionalities and visualisations support strategic control through operational execution of your business.

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Efficiently manage all of your financial processes

You can make crucial business decisions based on accurate and real-time information. DycoTrade leverages the standard Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management compliance with 75+ countries as maintained by Microsoft.

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Extend the possibilities of the calculation module even further

DycoTrade BI provides a quick start set of reporting tools to stay in control of all finance and accounting related subjects in the CTRM business.

The Power BI Calculation Analyses Report holds all relevant data to be able to analyse your calculation in detail. With this information you can optimise your pre-calculations, making your cash flow and margins more reliable and predictable.

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DycoTrade Team working on Commodity ERP Solution Finance

Your industry has its own focus and specific needs. In other words, we know your market.

Through the years DycoTrade has become very experienced in implementing software solutions for customers worldwide. This results in providing support whenever it is required from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM partner.

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We serve your market

We have been providing services on commodity trading companies since 2001.

DycoTrade has been active in providing services to commodity trading business for over 20 years. With a full focus on commodity trading companies, in Food, Feed and Metals. The DycoTrade team designs, develops, implements and supports the DycoTrade Software for companies worldwide.