Customer Care Department

DycoTrade’s customer care department consists of experienced people with full expertise to provide you with national and international support.

Our customer care department also provides support and service that gives you continuity for your Application and IT landscape to;

  • protect your business
  • improve organizational performance
  • make use of the functionality & best practices of a new, market conform, standard solution for business process support & daily operations
  • support organizational changes (e.g. adding/changing sectors, countries, propositions)
  • increase efficiency, effectiveness and added value of primary- and financial processes
  • make use of a digital working environment fitting goals, now and in the future, in terms of flexibility and scalability (Sectors, countries, experts & personnel)

Expert advice and information about new developments for customer satisfaction. This to stay ahead of the curve, with both feet on the ground and stick to the essence.

Predictable support costs captured in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that can completely ease your concerns.

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