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The best-suited solution to cover all requirements for an international steel and raw materials trading house, thyssenkrupp Materials Services.

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DycoTrade has formed a new Alliance with PwC the Netherlands to offer our clients end-to-end support in the field of MS Dynamics 365, tax, commodity, and trading.

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New alliance with PwC

Commodity ERP software CTRM

We deliver high-end commodity ERP software solutions for commodity and trade companies all over the world.

DycoTrade implements commodity ERP software solutions to help commodity and trading businesses to become more agile, efficient and profitable. These commodity ERP software solutions are based on the ms dynamics 365 F&SCM platform. Read more

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To overcome legacy systems that slow data flow, cloud real-time visibility, and stall action on insights, you need an ERP platform to bring your planning, production, inventory, warehousing, and transportation processes into harmony.

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For over 20 years we have been providing a solution that allows customers to stay ahead of the competition.

The DycoTrade team designs, develops, implements and supports the DycoTrade Software for companies worldwide. With a full focus on Commodity Trading Companies, in Food, Feed, Agri and Metals. Changing weather patterns and global economic changes increasingly affect Food commodity prices and the ability to trade, ship and finance products. By providing a single solution for sourcing, selling, processing, sampling, shipping and handling financial transactions related to the entire value chain, the DycoTrade system reduces risks and increases profits

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  • thyssenkrupp Materials Services
  • Bay State Milling
  • Farmel Dairy Business

Adam Strzyz, CFO

When we evaluated our options for a new ERP system, DycoTrade emerged as the best-suited solution to cover our requirements as an international steel and raw materials trading house. We consider DycoTrade a powerful and flexible software platform with a high potential for integration into our existing systems.”

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Peter Banat, CFO

‘’I have found DycoTrade to be a very good partner. My experiences with DycoTrade versus potentially US firms that I have come in contact with, is that DycoTrade cares about the success and has very joined ownership of the outcome. And overall, the relationship with clients has really been built on developing trust. And I think that that is a very strong characteristic of DycoTrade.’’

Jetze Kempenaar, CEO

”We have experienced the cooperation with DycoTrade as a partnership. A partnership feels much better than a ‘supplier customer’ relationship.”

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