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We deliver a high-end software solution for commodity and trade companies all over the world.

DycoTrade helps commodity businesses                            to become more agile, efficient and profitable by implementing our commodity business software solutions based on the MS Dynamics 365 F&SCM platform. Read more

We serve your market

We have been providing services to commodity trading companies since 2001. Get to see the markets that we are focussing on.

DycoTrade HGH BV and its predecessors have been active in providing services to commodity trading business for over 20 years. As of 2013 with a full focus on commodity trading companies, in Food, Feed and Metals. The DycoTrade company designs, develops, implements, maintains and supports the DycoTrade Software with services for companies worldwide. Read more about the markets below.

Your industry has its own focus and specific needs. We know your market and speak your language.

Through the years DycoTrade has become very experienced in implementing solutions for customers worldwide. Whenever availability and/or support are required from a local Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM partner, DycoTrade can provide them through its international partner network.

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