Case: Limako

Successful Go live for Limako with DycoTrade

Our valued customer Limako Suiker BV has taken a leap forward as per August 1st. Currently DycoTrade is the Leading Application for Trade, Logistics, Risk and Finance. After the first month the Go live can be summarized as successful.

As Limako has decided in the past to have no automated conversion of any data, users have been adding data to the system manually. This has proven to be a good way to get familiar with the system, the usage and the “DycoTrade process”.

Limako is satisfied with the current status. Insight has improved, but will be further enhanced as soon as the reporting suite (Targit ™) is fully deployed. As Limako’s business required some customer specific amendments the implementation was more complex. At this stage most of the amendments are “Live”, some additional specifics are planned on short notice.

DycoTrade takes the opportunity to thank Limako for their pragmatic and friendly approach, we congratulate Limako with the Go live per August 1st and their current status.