Case: Interoceanic Corporation

Go live with DycoTrade

DycoTrade is proud to have Interoceanic Corporation (New York) Live on DycoTrade. Interoceanic Corporation is a global player in fertilizers located in the USA. Decisions regarding the implementation of DycoTrade were made in Q4 2018 and after a speedy implementation the project went Live in July 2019.

“A great effort, both by customer and DycoTrade, running an implementation in about 6 months”, Ouko Reitsema says. “Great spirit, flexibility and huge commitment to have everything in place on short terms was eminent on this project” and indeed, a full blown ERP implementation in half a year is something to be proud of.

“DycoTrade staff is used to travel, and New York, in some aspects, is just around the corner. In close cooperation with the customer we optimized the travel schedules. This proved to be very efficient, and it most certainly was beneficial for the lead time of the project” adds Ouko.

Currently providing aftercare and optimizations

About Interoceanic Corporation: “Looking ahead, IOC is always searching for opportunities to expand business, and provide improved efficiency and productivity to the industry. Doing so allows IOC to propel its own — and the industry’s — growth while honoring our roots and customer base.”

More info:
Ouko Reitsema +31 6 261 426 83