Risk Management

No matter the risk management strategy, support strategic control through operational execution of your business.

With the Future and Option Contracts you never have an open position without knowing and hedging it. You can also allocate forward contracts to physical exposure. The price can be fixed on an exchange or average value and you can easily copy, roll or settle contracts.

With the Foreign exchange contracts you can register foreign exchange deals with banks, brokers and more. You can use FX rate for item value and invoice posting. You can also register or import the latest exchange rates, allocate FX deals to physical deals or to taxes due and manage exposure in detail level or lumpsum.

Forex trading in a central position

Allocation of Forex contracts is possible to both Physical Purchase or Sales contracts and to Commodity Exchange contracts (Futures, options, etc.). Next to that, the Physical and Commodity Exchange contracts can be allocated together to hedge quantity exposure.

Your industry has its own focus and specific needs. We know your market and speak your language.

Through the years DycoTrade has become very experienced in implementing solutions for customers worldwide. Whenever availability and/or support are required from a local Dynamics AX partner, DycoTrade can provide them through its international partner network.

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