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DycoTrade Awarded: FD-Gazellen Award 2018

It has been DycoTrade’s honour today (October 17th 2018) to receive the Dutch FD-Gazellen award 2018. This award is a national Dutch recognition for companies showing a stable yet rapid growth over several years.

“Great”, says Arie Willem van der. Read more.


DycoTrade: 5th annual Relation Event

DycoTrade is proud to further announce her fifth Relation Event in her 5 year history. Our Relations, Customers, Prospects, Partners, a promising program and a brand new location will add to the positive experience of this day: April. Read more.


DycoTrade on the move… New offices

After strong expansion over the last year, DycoTrade will move to new premises by the end of 2017. Although the DycoTrade office at the Schinkeldijkje in Aalsmeer is still a good place to be, it was inevitable that the strong growth. Read more.


Numidia: Lean implementation, fast GoLive…

“It has been an intensive couple of months, but it was worth it”, says Han van Hagen (Managing Director of Numidia BV). Numidia is looking back on a full DycoTrade implementation. The Golive was a. Read more.


Boliden (SE) convinced: Dynamics 365 for operations and DycoTrade…

By the end of June a final contract between Boliden (SE) and DycoTrade has been signed, as Boliden has chosen to further develop their ERP platform. Boliden selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations in combination with DycoTrade to administer. Read more.