DycoTrade at Commodity Trading Week 2023 Live in London

At the Commodity Trading Week 2023 Live event in London, DycoTrade participated in a panel discussion for the DigiCom forum where we discussed:

  • What is expected from CTRM software in highly volatile environments and times – are they standing up to the challenge?
  • Cloud vs on-premises – exploring pros and cons
  • Commodity price risk management, liquidity risk, and treasury tools; one system fits all?
  • Architectural and interoperability challenges

This panel discussion is part of the DigiCom event live during Commodity trading week 2023, in the QEII Centre (Queen Elizabeth II event center) in London, UK.

The event gives commodity trading companies a broad view of all digital matters, including innovation and best practices around CTRMs, algo trading, blockchain, data journey, digital transition, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, data analytics, and many more!


Are these valid issues for you but did you miss the panel discussion during Commodity Trading Week 2023? And do you feel your CTRMs today are a foe to you? Let us know and we are happy to discuss each other’s view on the subject. ????Contact us here.