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DycoTrade is proud to have one of the probably most esteemed and active Commodity Trade Market Watchers present on DycoTrade’s Customer Event April 7th in Rotterdam. Gary Vasey was there and, as anticipated, he was fast with a first review of the day:

Gary M. Vasey, https://www.ctrmcenter.com/blog/ags/a-day-with-dycotrade/

“Last week, I attended the Dycotrade Customer event in Rotterdam. It was held at the private Royal Maas Yacht Club and included around 45 customers and partners of the vendor. DycoTrade describes itself as a vendor of ERP for Commodities software built on the MS Dynamics platform and its customers include many producers, processors and buyers of unlisted and listed commodities. It was the first time I had met with the company.

Vendors who are Microsoft ISV’s have the benefit of working with other Micorsoft ISVs and partners and the agenda quickly demonstrated that with presentations by Targit (BI software), ExArte (Document Management) and Dynamic People (CRM for Commodities). Each already shares customers with DycoTrade. In addition, Microsoft presented on its new AX platform. There were also presentations from a DycoTrade customer, an implementation partner and a SaaS service provider.

DycoTrade now claims 45 customers worldwide and has 50 staff. It described 2015 as another good year for the company. However, it was the customer presentation that I found most interesting. This presentation outlined an in process implementation for Tea across multiple locations globally that went to the cloud during the implementation. A very interesting case study.

One thing that I learned during the day was that Dycotrade’s customers often use an entirely different lexicon. The term ‘CTRM’ is not as well know and instead people refer to ERP for Commodities or CRM for Commodities. This is something ComTech will expound upon in the near future as it is quite common for CTRM to be something traders are familiar with but buyers, processors and sellers of commodities are often not and anyway, have a slightly different set of requirements – particularly in unlisted commodities where financial instruments are not available for hedging purposes. Another thing that I learned was that Microsoft has an entire ecosystem of ISV’s that can all cooperate with each other and engage in cross selling on the Dynamix platform. Plainly, DycoTrade benefits from this in its go to market approach.

Overall it was a very interesting day filled with informative presentations and the kind hospitality of DycoTrade.”

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