The live Commodity Trading Week event in London

DycoTrade’s team attended the Commodity Trading Week on the 26’th and 27’th of April 2022. As an event partner, DycoTrade also participated in a panel discussion in cooperation with Bernhard Bolliger from PwC as the speaker.


“Current price levels and high market price volatility justify investments in risk management functions, data, and models. Attention needs to be given to the efficient use of liquidly: Cost of capital is likely to rise, but it is also important to be prepared for increasing collateral requirements arising from hedge positions – variation and initial margin.” – Bernhard Bolliger.

During the Commodity Trading Week DycoTrade explained how the CTRM system could help solve these crucial problems. The panel discussion was about “Developing Your CTRM Strategy – Keeping up With The Rapid Pace Of Change.”


• How will the future CTRMs evolve?

• Build vs. Buy – the old debate revisited: to what extent is internal development now practical?

• How can your CTRMs support analytics and architectures?

• Troubleshooting and problem-solving in CTRM projects – real-life examples and practical takeaways.

DycoTrade is the leading CTRM solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management: giving complete control over positions, logistics, and finance.

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