South African Braai at DycoTrade – Social Cultural Event

Last week we started a new tradition at DycoTrade – A Social Cultural Event

The office was filled with laughter, good vibes, and amazingly delicious food during the well-organized South African Springbok Braai. It was great to see most of the colleagues altogether in a lively and cozy setting after a long time.

With this first social cultural event it was a perfect chance for the new colleagues that are working remote to catch up with the rest of the DycoTrade team. Together we tried out new food, new drinks and learned about South African traditions.

During corona time a lot of the employees were working from home so DycoTrade decided to have cultural Friday evenings now and then. No better way to welcome the new colleagues into a new team! An effective work social cultural event provides the opportunity for employees and staff to connect on a personal level while participating in fun work party activities that are great for a large group setting.

The kick-off of the first cultural Friday evening was a success. Director Arie Willem opened this festive social event with a heartwarming speech and mentioned that DycoTrade needs more gatherings like this. Not only just for the fun but also to get back in contact with each other and to learn about other cultures and traditions at work since DycoTrade has a lot of different nationalities in its team.

It’s great to be able to connect like this again, to relax a bit, and to build bonds while working alongside each other.Employees from DycoTrade talking during South African braai New DycoTrade employees celebrating South African braai Empoyees from DycoTrade listening to speech Director of DycoTrade giving a speech Arie Willem van der Plas director of DycoTrade gives a speech during South African braai Ouko Reitsema talking with new employees DycoTrade employee posing during South Africa braai Ouko Reitsema managing director of DycoTrade sneaking off to the kitchen during the Braai Celebrating South African braai in the Netherlands with new colleagues


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