Short trip to the future with Microsoft!

Last week our partner Microsoft received a team from DycoTrade on behalf of DycoTrade Academy. The team joined the full Augmented Reality Experience and had a glimpse of the future.

The exciting journey started with a warm welcome by the chief of storytelling Tim Hermans. He talked about the differences between Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality technologies and their impact in reforming various sectors such as Agriculture, Metals, and Supply Chain industries.

The presentation gave the team a good understanding of the benefits of these upcoming technologies in the business context. For example: in training and simulation, guides and task management, remote craftsmanship, design and prototyping, sales assistance, and data overlay.

After the presentation, it was the time for a fantastic Microsoft Holosuite Experience. Tim Hermans showed the team the Microsoft Holosuite room, which consisted of realistic 3D simulations of real or imaginary settings worth 1 million euros!

The DycoTrade team traveled across multiple scenarios, for example, a super technological cattle farm in the Netherlands where a single worker could have adequate information to make the best decisions for his business.

After traveling across space and time in the Microsoft Holosuite, the DycoTrade team consisting of Niels CommandeurMichele Quaranta-VogliottiJan MolenaarAli MehrakiNoëlle VeermanLakshmanan AyyappanRudolf van de GraafSteven Brouwer, and Richard van Vugt had a chance to experience the Microsoft Hololens. Trying both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality was an insightful and hands-on experience about how technologies will lead the business soon.

The possibilities with this kind of technology are endless. This is a moment to start thinking about the best options to use these technologies. In what way do you think you can make innovative use of the futuristic technology for your company?