Our Microsoft based solution against ransomware software

We all read about the recent Cheese hack (ransomware) in our beloved little country the Netherlands. It happened in an important logistics company for dairy supplying the biggest supermarket in Holland. This Exchange server hack was being patched by Microsoft but the damage was already done. Ransomware is an growing profitable industry among many cyber criminals. High pay low risk. It is a very developed market with suppliers of ransomware software and a large network of companies money laundering this black money.

Many companies in the Commodity/Food supply chain are bound to operate 24/7, any interruptions for updating software means financial loss. That’s the reason why the logistics industry nowadays still uses outdated software within their infrastructure.  Meaning of this many have outdated systems without redundant infrastructure and not able to handle this hack with a secondary backup reset.

Our Microsoft based solution:

First of all this is an on-going battle between tech giants like Microsoft and many others. As an Microsoft Gold partner Dycotrade/Dycotrade Next we see Microsoft at the forefront of security solutions to provide consumers, businesses, governments and beyond with all the protections they need to secure your sensitive data. As a leader in five different Gartner Magic Quadrants they have a reason to be so. (Source: Gartner magic quadrant analysis 2021)

Microsoft understands the cyber challenges that organizations face, which is why they have developed myriad comprehensive solutions, all built to work with each other and other third party security solutions.  With their threat indicators, threat intelligence, integration and much more means the security solutions will result in always having the right tools and the most robust software to manage your security needs.

Best practices for protecting essential infrastructure

It is impossible to be 100% secure. The main reason is that this is a constant battle between the good and the bad. What can be improved is adopting your infrastructure against known attacks. These attacks can be avoided by taking a series of best practices such as:

  1. Checking systems for vulnerabilities (known and reported types of attacks/threats).
  2. Monitoring your network constantly (where necessary isolated from external connections, enabling detection external threats and preventing systems controlled from the internal network).
  3. Control of removable drives essential to ensure malware doesn’t enter the internal network through for instance pen drives.
  4. Monitoring internet connected devices.
  5. Security awareness of your users (do they recognize threats/attacks).


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