New Module in DycoTrade: Quality and Advanced Sampling, CoA

On a continuous basis, DycoTrade is working on enhancements and optimizations in her DycoTrade Solution. Recently this resulted in a new module in the DycoTrade ERP solution as it currently exists: The Quality Module.

Although in Standard Dynamics AX some functionality is provided regarding the measurement and registration of Product (Batch) attributes (i.e. “Quality”), in most cases the standard “Quality-” functions are too superficial to provide a solid and advanced solution for DycoTrade’s customers. Registration of results and possibilities to create Certificates of Analysis (CoA’s) is cumbersome or not present.

With this new DycoTrade Quality Module, customers will be able throughout the system, on various processes like purchase, production, blending, and sales to measure and register any attributes of a product batch. By registering 1 or more sample results to a batch, a CoA can be printed upon product shipment. The layout for this document is flexible and can be set to “Standardized”, per Customer or Customer group. An enhanced and improved Sample administration is kept, to be able to retrieve any information regarding the applicable batch. Next to that, an extensive check is present to verify that all shipped products meet the Customer-Product requirements. This ensures that your customer receives the product with the quality that was requested.

“A major step, based on customers’ wishes and requirements,” says consultant Martijn Meijer, who was heavily involved in design and realization. “We think this will be usable AND useful for many of our customers”. DycoTrade will be extending this solution in the near future.

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