DycoTrade’s CTRM Solution on MS Dynamics AX Platform Thriving

DycoTrade is a vendor that offers a CTRM solution built on the MS Dynamics AX platform. The company was formed as a result of a management buy-out of the commodity side of HGH Software in 2012, but the product’s history goes back to 2001, according to Mr. Ouko Reitsema of DycoTrade, when a specific customer wanted a CTRM solution that delivered integrated commodity trading to accounting on a single platform.

Mr. Reitsema points to the fact that many companies want commodity trading to accounting delivered on a single platform, and cites the specific example of a customer whose bank curtailed its line of credit due to differences in trading and accounting results. The customer purchased DycoTrade to achieve better trading and accounting integration, implemented the solution in just 6-weeks, and the bank then restored its critical credit line. Indeed, Mr. Reitsema views the integration delivered by an ERP backbone, as one of their key differentiators. He describes DycoTrade as ‘ERP for CTRM’ that, as a result of being built on DycoTrade, is a completely integrated solution. He also pointed out that 6-week implementation was something of a special case as on premises implementations are usually measured in months, not weeks.

DycoTrade has quietly grown and thrived, especially in the last few years. They now boast 28 customers, over 40 directly employed staff and a host of partners in India, USA, and Switzerland who have expertise in the product around implementation services. The product caters for ags, softs and metals and runs on the very latest MS Dynamics 2012 platform so it can be offered in the cloud or traditionally, on premises.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is based on a layered architecture in which the core ERP functionality, used worldwide by a variety of businesses, is placed in the lowest layer. Microsoft is responsible for maintaining that broad, often country specific, ERP functionality. On top of this “core” application, DycoTrade HGH has created a ‘DycoTrade’ Layer that contains all of the CTRM functionality. Customer-specific changes and enhancements can be made directly by the user in another third layer without impacting the Microsoft and/or DycoTrade layers. The DycoTrade application is certified for Dynamics AX by Microsoft.

Customer satisfaction among DycoTrade users is high, Mr. Reitsema told us. Although, functionality is important, the company is focused on customer satisfaction and claims that it has successfully replaced competitor software at several of its customers already. He also points to the MS Dynamics 2012 platform as a differentiator citing the 10,000 programmers at Microsoft that develop and maintain the product. “MS Dynamics is a serious ERP solution,” he told us. “By adding in the CTRM modules for trading, risk and logistics, we are delivering enhanced ERP functionality targeted squarely for commodity traders of all types.”

We expect to learn more about DycoTrade in the coming weeks but they are representative of a growing trend that sees ERP solutions adding commodity-specific functionality and beginning to compete with traditional CTRM vendors.

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