DycoTrade on the move… New offices

After strong expansion over the last year, DycoTrade will move to new premises by the end of 2017. Although the DycoTrade office at the Schinkeldijkje in Aalsmeer is still a good place to be, it was inevitable that the strong growth of DycoTrade staff would eventually spark a strong desire for a more spacious office. Recently DycoTrade was provided with the FD Gazellen 2017 Award, a recognition for fast growing profitable companies in the Netherlands. This has set directors mind to move faster on the search for an adequate office space. “We were looking for some time, yet our requirements seemed not easy to match: Fiber Internet, spacious offices, meeting rooms, adequate parking, near our current location and a good atmosphere: our demands were high” says Arie Willem van der Plas, managing director. “At some stage we thought it would be impossible to find something, but recently we managed!”

The new location provides DycoTrade with possible further expansion: “We will move to a great office, with ample space for the current staff. More meeting- and project rooms with a great atmosphere”. Ouko Reitsema, managing director smiles and seems happy: “As we consider our expansion to be continuous for the next couple of years, we optioned additional space within the building as well, possibly doubling the space currently needed”. DycoTrade’s current staff is about 65, Consultants, Developers, Project managers and BI specialists, all under one roof.

“As we have been heavily investing on the latest version of Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365 for Operations), we expect a further demand in our (Software-) market. Compared to many competitors it looks like our technological advantage is growing at a increasing pace. Under Microsoft wings, we will always have this advantage, as also Microsoft’s investment in new technology is gigantic. We are ready to take this advantage, with a growing, profitable solution for Commodity Traders” adds Ouko Reitsema.

DycoTrade decided upon relocation just about 2 weeks ago and will move on December 27th  this year. Business will continue and DycoTrade will remain open and available during the operation. “We take a little advantage of a slightly lower activity due to the holiday season”, says Arie Willem, “but in our current scenario for relocation there will be no disruption of service towards our customers. A huge operation, but much rewarding, as this new location will enable further growth”

Our new location is about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from our current location. Still easy access to Schiphol Airport, for international guests, who, upon visit, will enjoy a great view from our office. You are invited to come and see for yourselves, we will be there as of December 27th…

DycoTrade HGH BV office will relocate to Molenvlietweg 26, 1432 GW Aalsmeer. Phone number will not change and remains: +31 20 761 04 37.

Further information: Orei@DycoTrade.com