DycoTrade Milestone: Microsoft AppSource Registration Dynamics 365

DycoTrade HGH (The Netherlands) added another important Milestone to the history of both company and application. This week the verification for the FULL DycoTrade ERP solution on Dynamics 365 by Microsoft has been concluded. The full positive conclusion results in registration of our Application in the Microsoft AppSource, a worldwide platform for certified applications based on Microsoft Technology.

“One of the major achievements of the DycoTrade organization; a great confirmation of our skills, our knowledge and our solution in general, for the worldwide market that we are serving”, says Managing Director Arie Willem van der Plas. “It has been, once more, a challenging task, as certification by Microsoft on the Dynamics 365 platform which is still very much in development is not lightly obtained”. Arie Willem eyes very happy on the achieved status. “It allows us to maintain and further develop our position around the globe. Our application is available in the AppSource, as hosted by Microsoft, and visibility for our solution is worldwide. A great opportunity for the sustained growth of our organization”

Managing Director Ouko Reitsema agrees. “It concerns ALL DycoTrade Modules, leading to a full ERP solution: Trade, Risk, Logistics, Transport, Intercompany, Warehousing, LME Calendar and many other features. Although we have often been proposed in Food, Feed, and Metals markets, we feel that our certified application also supports many other businesses and business processes for, for instance, production and wholesale companies”.

The Milestone is important for the DycoTrade organization. “A mood-lifter in these times. DycoTrade is getting along in the current [Covid-19] circumstances and finalizing the certification process was the main item for Q1 and Q2 2020: We managed!” Arie Willem adds. “No surprise in fact, as the current version of the software on Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM is already in use with about 15 of our customers worldwide”.

Earlier DycoTrade launched an FX-app in the Microsoft AppSource. “With the latest release of the full DycoTrade Application, we will be able to extract other user-friendly modular apps, for instance, to handle VAT in a worldwide trading environment. It may be our very next Milestone in our 20 years in the market” smiles Ouko: It is clear that the DycoTrade team is used to challenges that are “the only constant factor in an ever-changing world”…

The DycoTrade company (Aalsmeer, The Netherlands) designs, develops, implements and supports (DycoTrade-) applications based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations.DycoTrade Serves Customers and organizations in over 38 countries in the world.

The latest application is currently described in the Microsoft AppSource via https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-en/?search=DycoTrade

More information:
Call: Ouko Reitsema: +31 (0)6 261 426 83
Mail: Info@DycoTrade.com