DycoTrade: FD Gazellen 2017: fastest growing company

DycoTrade is proud to announce to have been awarded the Dutch FD Gazellen 2017 award. This Award is a national recognition for Dutch companies showing strong growth in revenue and profitable operation over a three year period. This seems very true, as, next to the growth in DycoTrade’s local market, the international part of DycoTrade’s business showed strong expansion over the last couple of years.

Arie Willem van der Plas and Ouko Reitsema, Managing Directors for DycoTrade are very excited: “This is a reward for the past 4 years. From DycoTrade’s start we have only been working on customer satisfaction through a State of the Art application. Most certainly these drivers resulted in a strong growth in spite of huge investments in the DycoTrade application, projects and staff”.

Arie Willem continues: “With customers in 34 countries, several of which Fortune 500 companies, we have come a long way. Staff is currently up to 65, turnover and profit went along, providing a solid base for the future. We are proud to receive this recognition, we clearly stood out in a vast majority of mid-sized Dutch companies. This confirms our vision and drive regarding the wellbeing and satisfaction of our customers and focus on modern and innovative software”.

Mid November several regional events will take place, where DycoTrade meets other ‘FD Gazellen 2017 award winners’ and a further Bronze, Silver and Gold recognition will be announced. In December the national Grand Finale is organized in Amsterdam. “It is great to be part of this, a huge boost in confidence, energy and enthusiasm for prospects, customers and within DycoTrade” adds Ouko Reitsema.

About FD Gazellen 2017:
The Dutch “Financieel Dagblad”, a national newspaper with strong focus on Finance and Business, organizes the FD Gazellen Award competition, for 14 years in a row (2017). Only organizations with an (profitable) annual growth of +20% are considered for this Award. Further ranking of the awarded companies takes place in the remainder of the 2017.

Further information:
Arie Willem van der Plas, Ouko Reitsema
APLA@DycoTrade.com, OREI@DycoTrade.com
tel +31 (0)6 5191 0772