DycoTrade Academy – Welcoming the constant changes in technology

Welcoming the constant changes in technology

The world around us is changing rapidly, and the speed with which Microsoft innovates its solutions is unimaginable. The DycoTrade Academy’s goals are to remain a trusted advisor for our partners and clients.

“The only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus

DycoTrade Academy invests in employees’ training and education, and we only work with certified consultants. We want to ensure that everybody has the Microsoft certifications necessary to provide quality services.

Continuous learning helps avoid stagnation and ensures moving forward toward reaching full potential, and constant learning could be vital to employability. DycoTrade employees are redeveloping their skills every 12-18 months because continuous learning supports employees’ skills to help the business reach its goals.

Therefore continuous learning is typically a foundational value of the culture of Dycotrade powered by the Dycotrade Academy.


DycoTrade Academy is ensuring that DycoTrade keeps growing with its employees.

Other factors also play a role, for which the academy was founded:

  • How to stay attractive as an employer?
  • What if employees retire in several years?
  • Is today’s knowledge still relevant for tomorrow?

Technical knowledge alone is not enough. Personal skills are just as essential. For example, when we talk about adaptability:

  • How quickly can you adapt to the ever-changing environment?
  • Do you have the courage to look at yourself and grow in it?
  • Can you work together and communicate in teams?

We are happy to present the interview with Lakshmanan Ayyappan about his experience with the Micorosft MB-300 exam.

How does it feel to have passed an MS exam as the youngest consultant?

The exam preparation for MB-300 has helped me enrich my knowledge and introduced me to different versatile topics in D365. As MB300 is a requisite for the MB330 exam, I believe this would be a good starting point to accelerate my growth as a Supply Chain Management Consultant.

What does it mean that you have passed this exam, and what can you do DycoTrade-Consultant-Certification-ERP-D365-Microsoft-Academy-Close-up with it?

I still remember when I started my preparation with quite some challenges in terms of system experience and a wide range of portions to be covered for the exam involving diversified topics. But I am thankful to my mentor and senior consultants, who have helped me devise a strategy for the exam preparation and guided me during the entire journey.

What else do you hope to achieve here at Dycotrade?

I am excited and looking forward to learning a lot here at DycoTrade. Furthermore, I aspire to develop and strengthen myself in trade & logistics.


DycoTrade is hiring:

We have been rapidly expanding our business and scale of operations. As market demand, both nationally and internationally, DycoTrade is increasing its staff.

DycoTrade is looking for experienced Dynamics staff:

  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Project Managers

DycoTrade belongs in terms of sophistication, experience, and development to the top of Microsoft Business Solutions in the Netherlands. You are welcome to join our team!

You are invited to send your CV to Wim – wim.van.tergouw@dtpeople.nl

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