4x Gold & 4x Silver Certification

DycoTrade is climbing the ranks of D365 F&O Olympics and DycoTrade Next. In this article, Paul Karsmakers celebrates the recent certification successes of DycoTrade and introduces DycoTrade Next.

Climbing the ranks of D365 F&O Olympics

During the first Quarter of 2021 DycoTrade achieved Gold status in 4 competencies, including but not limited to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Cloud Platform. In another 4 competencies, DycoTrade has reached Silver status.

Valuable for customers!

Being recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Partner means gaining access to various state-of-the-art product licenses, allowing the development of Proof of Concept (PoC) demos. It also ensures Premium technical support should this be required during implementation or after Go Live. Choosing a Gold Partner as a customer is a wise decision, since continuity and stability are anchored.

What’s (DycoTrade) next?

Dycotrade NEXT – a full-grown, mature organization with 10 experienced professionals – was recently added to DycoTrade as a separate branch. DycoTrade NEXT helps DycoTrade to realize digital transformation at customers, making them future-proof and ready to face all market challenges.

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