DigiCom Panel – Unleasing the power of Data was a success🎉

With well over 1.100 registrants the Commodities People’s DigiCom event was a blast. Out of those around 200 people chose to follow the DigiCom session: ‘Unleashing the power of data – Best practices in data management and analytics’.

DycoTrade CTRM Data Management Architect, Milo Schoonheijm, was involved in a very interactive panel discussion together with Bram De Jager (Centrica), Brock Mosovsky (cQuant.io), Paul Kaisharis (Molecule), and with Howard Walper (Commodities People) as the moderator.

The topics that were discussed:
🔸What does it really mean to make decisions based on data? What levels of accuracy and confidence does it require?
🔸Root of all evil: How do you go about cleaning data?
🔸Real-world case studies: Examples of architectures for data-driven organizations

Some simple and good advice came up on how to utilize your data to the fullest💡:
🔹Start collecting as much data as you can
🔹Clean the data, as it is only valuable if accessible
🔹Interpret the data correctly, make it as simple as possible

In case you couldn’t join the panel or want to know more about how to utilize your data to the fullest, here is the link to the panel discussion about best practices in data management and analytics 👉 https://lnkd.in/dnf6ybMq

Do you have specific questions about managing your data to improve your business processes? We’re happy to help, feel free to contact us.

DigiCom Panel Discussion - Unleashing the power of Data