Case: SUBO International

SUBO – International selects DycoTrade

Many DycoTrade projects take place outside our country, yet DycoTrade is very happy to announce a new Dutch project for the implementation of DycoTrade: Subo International BV selected DycoTrade for all applicable business processes. Subo recently moved to Woerden, in the center of The Netherlands and decided for DycoTrade based on the provided vast functionality by the software.

Although the current scale of operation for Subo is limited, their ambition most certainly is not. The current list of traded goods (food) is expanding rapidly, with a full service proposition in the background: From Anywhere to Everywhere.

To fuel the growth and prosperity of the organization, Subo has realistic expectations about the implementation at hand. As some flexibility is the different processes is still available, the implementation of DycoTrade will be a rapid affair. Subo is expected to be Live with DycoTrade within 3 months from today, working on the DycoTrade “Out of the Box” implementation.

About Subo International

Subo International is a trading company with world-wide experience of over 25 years in food-production, service and trade. Subo sources raw materials directly from the producers with whom they have established a solid co-operation over the years. Their experience on the local markets enables them to bring the right product at the best price to your market. Furthermore they handle all necessary documentation and certification issues to ensure a smooth import into the country of destination. Subo offers fast and flexible service at a very competitive rate.