Case: Seaboard PSI

Selecting DycoTrade /AX 2012

Seaboard PSI  decided after a thoroughly selection process of more than 2 years to choose for DycoTrade/ AX2012 as the ERP solution for the PSI Commodity trade division in combination with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

The PSI division of Seaboard will be automated the coming months. All branches and 36 trades will be included. DycoTrade HGH together with Microsoft partner Columbus USA will do the implementation.

DycoTrade won the AX battle at Seaboard PSI for its rich functionality, the business knowledge and leading edge technology and reportingpossibilities.

About Seaboard PSI

Seaboard Corporation is a unique company with a rich history dating back more than 90 years. Although the company has evolved over time through acquisitions, partnerships and internal growth, its roots are in grain and agriculturally derived products. Common to all our endeavors, we strive to distinguish ourselves in the industries we select.

Seaboard Corporation employs more than 23,000 people worldwide at their subsidiaries and affiliates. They are #427 on the 2012 Fortune 500 list with net sales of approximately $6.2 billion annually.

Seaboard is traded on the NYSE MKT Equities under the symbol SEB. Seaboard Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates, strictly adhere to the principles of fairness and ethical conduct. We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

PS International is an international trading company that specializes in the trading of bulk agricultural commodities.

PS International was founded in 1971 by Melvin “Mike” Fields. The main office is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. PSI is nowadays also located in France, Mexico, China, Korea, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, Haiti and Algeria, South Africa.

PSI is active in the following trades: dairy, pulses, edible oils, rice, tomato paste, sugar and meat.

They offer both containerized and break bulk shipments in a range of packaging options. Delivering personal service through coordinated teamwork is the backbone of our sales commitment

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