Case: Rhumveld, Winter & Konijn

Go live with DycoTrade

As time goes by, good things do happen: Rhumveld Winter & Konijn, our Rotterdam based  customer went live with their new DycoTrade AX2012 environment as per June 1st 2016. RWK and DycoTrade are pleased with the results that have been obtained in recent months.

The project for implementation has been running over one year, due to additional activities which were incorporated in the project as the project rolled out. Not only a complete remote (hosted) environment, but also a full redesign of processes and functions has been taken care of. As a part, Production and Manufacturing Add On’s have been implemented, including a highly advanced scanner-based warehouse management system.

Currently DycoTrade is supporting RWK in the “after live” phase of this project, as some major changes has been made in procedures and reporting in this Go live Process. DycoTrade would like to thank RWK for the joint effort and will continue to support RWK in the future.

About Rhumveld Winter & Konijn

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, RWK is part of the De Monchy NV (Holding company) which has participation in 10+ companies, with an international vision towards business. RWK is an importer, exporter and distributor of a complete assortment of nuts, dried fruits, edible seeds and superfoods with a sustainable business and well established partnerships and agencies worldwide.