Case: Raffemet Commodities BV

Selecting DycoTrade

DycoTrade is excited to inform you that Raffemet Commodities has chosen DycoTrade as their first and foremost application to support their trading business. Although Raffemet is a young company (est. 2013), their drive to fulfill (and exceed) all customers wishes and demands is huge. DycoTrade is expected to provide all functionality to support this drive.

DycoTrade will be supporting the Trading Process, Risk management, Logistics and Finance. As time is a factor, DycoTrade will implement based on standard DycoTrade functionality which will limit the lead time for implementation to less than 3 months. A challenge for all parties involved, yet DycoTrade remains confident that the challenging schedule can be fulfilled and a Go live is possible on short notice. Another important advantage choosingnis the integrated solution as found in DycoTrade providing specific Metals functionality on top of all Trading and Risk functionality.

About Raffemet Commodities

With broad experience in metals marketing, Raffemet Commodities offers metal offtake and supply with customized service in terms of pricing, delivery and payment. Either as a direct seller (distributor) or as an intermediate (facilitator) between the producer and the consumer.