Case: Noble

Choosing Microsoft AX 2012 with DycoTrade

After an extremely short sales cycle of less than 6 weeks DycoTrade HGH received last Friday its signed contract from our partner All e Technologies from India for the delivery of a DycoTrade license.

Together with Microsoft APAC and All e Technologies there where several demonstrations  last  weeks. The choice for AX 2012 is strategic, the competition included SAP agri. DycoTrade  won the AX battle at Noble 2012 for its rich functionality. Together with All e technology, DycoTrade HGH does the implementation in the upcoming months at a new Palm oil factory in India.

About Noble

We are Noble Group, a market-leading global supply chain manager of agricultural and energy products, metals and minerals. Our objective is to build long-term value for our shareholders. Noble Group was established 25 years ago in the belief that urbanisation would drive demand for the products and services that we aimed to provide. We connect low cost producing countries with high demand growth markets. Our investments focus on key stages of the supply chain to create and extract additional value, manage risk and secure long-term flows of products and information. Noble is listed in Singapore (SGX: N21), with headquarters in Hong Kong and operates from over 140 locations.  We are ranked number 91 in the 2012 Fortune 500 with a turnover of plus 80 billion $.

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