Case: Louis Dreyfus

Selecting DycoTrade /AX 2009

Louis Dreyfus decided after a thorough selection process to choose for DycoTrade as the ERP solution for the Dairy commodity trade division in combination with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

The dairy division of Louis Dreyfus will be automated the coming months. All branches will be included. Branches are located in China, Dubai, The Netherlands, Mexico, USA, Argentina. DycoTrade won the AX battle at Louis Dreyfus for its rich functionality.

Together with the ERP Compentence center of Louis Dreyfus, DycoTrade HGH does the implementation in the upcoming months.

About Louis Dreyfus

Over the last decade Louis Dreyfus Commodities has significantly expanded and diversified as a business by broadening their portfolio and making investments in strategically located origination and logistics assets. As a result Louis Dreyfus holds several leading positions in major commodities and delivered substantial year-on-year growth for a number of years.

Overview of the Group

  • Louis Dreyfus Commodities is a leading global integrated commodities group.
  • The worldwide activities include the merchandising of agricultural products and metals and their production, sourcing, storage, transport and distribution.
  • The focus is predominantly on a single asset class – agricultural commodities – but in a highly diversified manner, covering all of the main categories within this single asset class: grains, oilseeds, rice, cotton, coffee, sugar, juices, fertilizers & inputs and dairy.
  • The merchandising activities are supported in key production and consumption centers by strategically located production, processing and logistics assets.
  • Louis Dreyfus currently operates over 200 facilities across the world.
  • Louis Dreyfus sources and produces a large range of agricultural products, process and refine products and materials, and store and transport commodities for export or domestic consumption.
  • Louis Dreyfus merchandises, customizes and distributes to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers, including in the food, textile and fuel processing industries.
  • Louis Dreyfus provides financing, logistics and other services to producers and consumers within the commodities markets in which the Group participates

Leadership positions

  • Louis Dreyfus is among the market leaders in many of the areas in which we operate. The world’s largest merchandiser of raw cotton by volume.
  • The world’s second largest sugarcane processor by capacity.
  • A world leader in rice merchandising.
  • One of the world’s leading orange juice processors by volume.
  • One of the world’s largest merchandisers of oilseeds and their by-products (vegetable oils and meals) by volume.
  • Among the world’s leading merchandisers of wheat, barley and corn by volume.
  • Among the world’s largest merchandisers of green coffee by volume.
  • Among the world’s leading sugar merchandisers by volume


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