Case: TKF Mercator

Combining forces, gain for customers

DycoTrade is proud to announce the merger with TKF Mercator. This merger is a first in DycoTrade’s history, as starting February 2015 both companies will share their knowledge, resources and customer base worldwide. “A great gain for all parties involved” says Ouko Reitsema, managing director for DycoTrade:

A win for all current Mercators customers, gaining access to over 35 skilled Commodity Trade and Computer Technology consultants and an appropriate channel for all supporting services. Benefits for TKF, being able to gain knowledge and create focus on the long-term future regarding the current Mercator Application. DycoTrade will benefit from Mercators experience and is eager to add specific functions and functionality to the State of the Art DycoTrade application.

“Although the technology from Mercator and DycoTrade (Microsoft Dynamics AX) differs, the markets served (Commodity Trade) are to be compared. Therefore, we know there is a lot to investigate in Mercator and to be developed in DycoTrade. Mercator will provide great examples”, Ouko adds.

Thomas Freese, owner and managing director, comments that the merger was necessary to meet the growing market changes. TKF Mercator is mainly known and used in Europe, providing 25 years of knowledge in the current software solution and serving approximately 20 customers in the region.

All TKF Mercator customers will be informed and introduced to DycoTrade directors in the upcoming months, aiming for a continuous long term relationship.

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