Case: Count Energy Trading

Going live with Dynamics 365 in 2 months

Exciting and impressive news from March that we want to share. Count Energy Trading went live with Dycotrade on Dynamics 365.

Count was already working with AX2012; Dycotrade D365 has only been implemented for Count Energy Trading, not for all other Count Companies. The project started during the middle of December last year, so the implementation was completed in less than 3 months!

Jeffrey Bollebakker of Count Energy Trading from Rotterdam is a satisfied man. They got their new version of DycoTrade live on Dynamics 365 in 2 months and 5 days. The goal was to get it done in 2 months, but 5 days were added. This is, of course, an implementation that everyone would want. Of course, there will be some optimisations that needs to be done, but they are very confident that it will succeed.

On behalf of DycoTrade congratulations to the Count group and we will forget about those 5 days.

About Count                                                                                                     COUNT aims to provide clients with reliable and effective logistics services while fostering social and environmental sustainability. Collectively, with vast network, built upon long-standing trading relationships, COUNT explores, handles and trades commodities throughout the entire supply chain. Furthermore, COUNT ensures the services fulfil more than the required EU ETS sustainability guidelines. COUNT makes significant contributions to the environment and social prosperity.

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