Case: Codefine (CH)

Go live with DycoTrade

Congratulations to our (Suisse) end-customer Codefine, they go live on the first of May 2020 with their DycoTrade solution. Together with our local partner Singa Associates Switzerland, a full setup was created over a time period of approximately 5 months.

DycoTrade was involved in training our partner staff and assisting with the implementation of the DycoTrade CTRM flows within the Codefine processes. The DycoTrade Quick-Start Power BI suite has been rolled out to comply with the necessary extensive reporting for Codefine stakeholders.

As the project was a very fast experience for both customer and suppliers, DycoTrade once more values a trustworthy partner and our strong application as important features for a smooth implementation.

Codefine is a supplier of high-end packaging solutions amongst others based on fibers. Big bags, Small bags, but also solutions for Liquid transport. Highest quality fabrics are part of Codefine’s proposition in a worldwide environment.

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