Case: Cocoanect

Selecting DycoTrade for business

DycoTrade is pleased to announce a new relationship in the DycoTrade community: Cocoanect. Cocoanect is a young trading company active in the trade and supply chain management of the soft commodity cocoa and related cocoa products.

After an intensive search, in which several software suppliers were assessed and a thorough analysis of the commodity trading systems took  place, DycoTrade has been selected to cater the Cocoanect business requirements.

Cocoanect focusses on ensuring supply of a wide range of cocoa beans and cocoa products to customers in the most efficient and effective manner in the role of connecting supply chain manager. By creating measurable added value they wish to connect origins to market, farmer organizations to customer and traceability to sustainable development. Next to that it is also Cocoanect’s strong ambition to grow via diversification into “developing” origins and in Fine or Flavour cocoa.

Cocoanect decided to achieve their objectives with Dycotrade. The broad functionality of Dycotrade, the fully integrated solution combining Trading, Risk, Logistics and Finance, as well as DycoTrades open communication in the phase of selection were strong drivers towards the selection of DycoTrade.

DycoTrade looks forward to a fast and pragmatic implementation in the upcoming months.