Case: Cocoanect

Go live with DycoTrade

After a fast yet full implementation in the last few months Cocoanect will be Live with their DycoTrade Solution as per April 1st this year. After a careful design and training phase Cocoanect is confident that their business requirements are covered and users are well known with the system.

DycoTrade assisted in all phases of the project and provided some additional hands during the data migration in the last weeks. Currently all open contracts and logistical movements are already present in DycoTrade and as of April 1st 2016 DycoTrade will be the leading Application for Cocoanect.

Cocoanect is running their application on SaaSPlaza. This has been decided upon in an early phase, to maximize scalability and flexibility. In the same go the full support by DycoTrade’s partner SaasPlaza was provided, minimizing all related costs on Server and Infrastructural resources.

In the upcoming period DycoTrade will remain supportive towards Cocoanect, keeping an eye open for practical enhancements in customers application.