Case: Boosting Enterprise Sustainability with Microsoft D365

Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Boost Enterprise Sustainability?

Climate change and its possible impact on living and working have dominated public discourse and debate in global legislatures. For organizations that want to stay ahead of the legislative curve and increase their sustainability while also accelerating their agility and stakeholder return on investment, the good news is that there is already a way to achieve both!

By adopting modern cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can not only optimize your business agility (allowing you to respond to changes during this period of significant uncertainty quickly), but you can also positively influence the value of stakeholders by creating seamless connections throughout the modern workflow of the organization. At the same time, make your organization more environmentally friendly.

So, how can Microsoft Dynamics 365 make your organization more sustainable?

1. Free up space and save power

In an era when client-server technology dominates, the server room has always been a necessary evil, but modern, cloud-enabled technologies are changing. Server rooms need to spend unnecessary rent for the organization, occupy space that can be better used for other functions. Because they constantly need to stay cool, they need a significant and consistent power output. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has cloud-based applications for every key business workflow and management function, no matter what industry or process your organization belongs to.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint

We now know that our traditional, email-centric workflow has a more significant carbon footprint than any other form of digital communication! Although we can’t wholly abandon email at this time, building your infrastructure on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can undoubtedly minimize it and improve the sustainability of the entire organization.

3. Create less waste and say goodbye to ‘old style’ clunky document sharing

Implementing modern enterprise technology can promote the organization’s sustainability, even in the simplest way. For example, it helps reduce the need to print information to share documents between teams or departments. Less printing = fewer resource requirements and less waste. By switching to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, records and information can be easily and instantly shared throughout the organization so that users with appropriate permissions can access the content they need from any device; collaborate; from wherever they are and on any device real-time co-editing, with complete version control and tracking.

Take advantage of the eco-friendly benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dyco Trade poll on commodity trading and climate change.

Sustainable organizations are built for success. We believe that this starts with the beating heart of the enterprise: technology. The technology your organization relies on defines your critical business workflow. It stores your documents, contracts, and key data.

It supports how you interact with customers, suppliers, and team members. It drives your collaboration and communication methods, ensuring that your business runs modern seamless workflows to optimize agility, user experience and maximize stakeholder value and return on investment. These are necessary conditions for future success, but by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, you can now achieve your organization’s business goals while minimizing your environmental impact.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 application is a modern ERP, CRM, and human capital management system. With “built-in” flexibility, you only need to invest in the applications your organization needs for another sustainable reward.

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