Case: Boliden (SE)

Convinced: Dynamics 365 for operations and DycoTrade

By the end of June a final contract between Boliden (SE) and DycoTrade has been signed, as Boliden has chosen to further develop their ERP platform. Boliden selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations in combination with DycoTrade to administer their business and business processes. Currently DycoTrade is working on the implementation for Boliden (Sweden, other countries).

“A great win, for both Boliden and DycoTrade”, says Ouko Reitsema, Managing Director for DycoTrade. “Our continuous development in the DycoTrade software suite, both for Soft Commodities as well as Metals pays off”. As the latest version of DycoTrade is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX) DycoTrade is up to the challenge of implementing this recent platform.

“There is always a dependency with Microsoft” continues Ouko, “yet, we have boarded in time to provide the market with DycoTrade software on Dynamics 365. As the software is fully integrated it took some time to handle the platform changes that Microsoft has been working on, but we managed”. Boliden will do well, with a forward decision on this new platform. Due to the scale of implementation a somewhat longer running project is anticipated, providing the opportunity for both Microsoft and DycoTrade to further enhance their software during the project.

The Worldwide implementation is done with a Nordic partner. DycoTrade staff will be limitedly involved for the specifics of the Commodity Trading and Risk managing software of DycoTrade.
Boliden is active in the hard commodities (metals) business, worldwide. mining, smelters, production and trade, 90 years, based on knowledge and innovation.

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