Case: Limako

“Ahead!”: Solid fit with DycoTrade

Limako Suiker BV will join the growing DycoTrade community after the recent signing of the contracts for the full implementation of DycoTrade. By the end of November, Limako decided that DycoTrade provided a good fit with the standard functionality within DycoTrade and Dynamics AX. For the gaps as defined in the study of definition, the solution offers a powerful environment to develop necessary additional functionality.

Limako has done a thorough process of selection, in which several vendors were invited to make a proposal. In a late stage, DycoTrade was added to the vendors. Impressed by a first short DycoTrade presentation Limako decided that a fully integrated solution would be beneficial on all critical processes within the business. Rich functionality and the concept of integrated ERP (as provided by Dynamics AX and DycoTrade) were key factors. By integrating the full set of business processes, reliability will be achieved to a far larger extend. Limako’s Go live is anticipated for mid 2015.

As Limako’s main business is all about sugar, related products and services, a new commodity is added to the current DycoTrade set of traded commodities. Although many aspects of the trade are equal to what DycoTrade has handled before, some specifics have been identified and will be added in this project.

About Limako

“Adding value to the sugar chain, offering perfect logistical services and relieving our clients of any worries. Our ambition is broad” This ambition has been constantly developing since 1968, when Limako Suiker BV was founded as a joint venture between Suiker Unie (a.d.1899) and ED&F MAN (a.d.1783), both historical and respected companies. Limako adds value to the trade in Sugar, delivering premium European white sugar all over the world, and importing (raw) cane sugar.

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