Case: Agridient

Rolling out DycoTrade for European Headquarter

About a year ago Agridient selected DycoTrade as the core ERP Application for their Commodity Trading business. After a successful implementation of DycoTrade for the US Branche early 2014, it recently has been decided that Agridient will implement the same provided solution for their Dutch head office, based in Amsterdam.

With an additional 35 users Agridient will use DycoTrade for Trading, Contracting, Risk Management, Position management and Reporting. DycoTrade is implemented by Dynamic People, a solid partner in The Netherlands for the DycoTrade company.

About Agridient

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Agridient is the ingredients branch of Nidera, an international trading and shipping group. Agridient is active worldwide in sourcing and marketing ingredients produced by strategic partners in crop-processing industries as well as ingredients used in industries such as food, pharmaceutical & pet food.

Besides origination of these ingredients, Agridient also provide shipping, warehousing, distribution and just-in-time deliveries to their valued customers. The product portfolio is built up out of native and modified starches, fibers, sweeteners, proteins, fats, oils and shortenings.

The international Agridient network, has offices in countries including the Netherlands, USA, China, and Argentina. It employs close to 100 people in over 30 countries worldwide.

About Nidera

Nidera, parent company for Agridient, operates worldwide as a commodity service and solutions provider for the global agricultural markets. Driven and supported by integrated operations, Nidera has an active presence in more than twenty countries. The company was founded in 1920 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) from which it took its acronym: Netherlands, (East) Indies, Deutschland (Germany), England, Russia and Argentina (NIDERA). This privately held company employs around 3800 people globally in various commercial, agricultural and industrial operations.