Update DycoTrade september 2014

Introduction: With the recent Application release of DycoTrade AX2012.2.3.4+, DycoTrade HGH opens up new markets for their Commodity Trade ERP solution. Not only Soft-commodities and Specialty-commodities are handled, but also new functionality for Metals-trading is added.

History: Since 2001 DycoTrade HGH BV and her predecessors have been developing, selling, implementing and maintaining the DycoTrade Commodity Trade solution. Development started in 2001, based on Axapta 3.0 and later on Axapta 4.0, MS Dynamics AX2009 and (in recent years) MS Dynamics AX AX2012. As per April 1st 2013 all activities for Commodity Trade have been transferred to DycoTrade HGH BV. Creating more focus on Commodity Trade, DycoTrade HGH BV has experienced a strong growth in 2013 and 2014. This growth contains elements in Functionality, Markets, Sales, Staff and Consultancy. DycoTrade ™ always has been fully integrated with Dynamics AX, the leading ERP application by Microsoft™. With huge research investments Microsofts Dynamics AX has become a leading ERP application, with a worldwide channel of resellers. From the early days Dynamics AX (Axapta) has provided a very strong development suite, to allow (customer based) amendments and additional functionality fully integrated in the Dynamics AX Application. As such, also DycoTrade ™ is fully integrated in Dynamics AX, NOT a front end application, NO interface driven solution, NO web-based application, but FULLY integrated in Dynamics AX, using all existing objects for best possible stability and performance.

Layer structure. Microsoft Dynamics AX is based on a layered system, in which the core (broad) ERP functionality, used worldwide by a variety of businesses is placed in the lowest layer. Microsoft is responsible for maintaining the broad (often country specific) functionality. With an enhancement plan, (annual fee applies) Customers gain access to patches and newer versions of this software. Whether your company is working with (US) Check payments or German SEPA payments, Dynamics AX will take care of that. On top of this strong “core” application, DycoTrade HGH created a DycoTrade Layer containing all Commodity Trade functionality. For any customer specific changes and amendments another layer is reserved, as DycoTrade knows from experience that changes to the standardized (parameter driven) software might be applicable, even on user-level.The DycoTrade application is certified for Dynamics AX by Microsoft.

Application: The integrated DycoTrade™ solution provides customer with functionality as present in the Standard Dynamics AX software, as well as added functionality for Commodity Traders Worldwide. Examples of added functionality are Terminal markets, Forex, Logistical movements, Logistic Documents, Mark to Market Reporting, Risk analysis, Positions, Hedging, Intercompany etc. Based on customers’ requirements over the last 15 years DycoTrade has been able to provide the (international) market with outstanding stable ERP software.  

Organization: By the end of 2014, DycoTrade will employ 35-40 employees, based in The Netherlands, located near Amsterdam International airport  “Schiphol”, serving a purpose in itself regarding International visits from prospects and customers as well as required international travel by DycoTrade employees. DycoTrade staff is internationally oriented on employees as well as customers. DycoTrade Partners worldwide, educated on Dynamics AX as well as DycoTrade take care of local implementations in the Western Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, South America, Asia and Africa. As always has been the case, DycoTrade is running a full service helpdesk, for support to any customer worldwide. Not only trustworthy Microsoft ERP-partners Worldwide are selected and trained by DycoTrade. DycoTrade works with Price Waterhouse Coopers (Software Auditors and Compliancy), Grand Thornton (functional and additional (market-) requirements) , Microsoft, Globe Software (Excel Add In’s) and Targit™ Business Decision software.

Outline: With the recent launch of DycoTrade ™ V2012.2.3.4+ new functionality has been added to the already existing and broad functionality of the Dynamics AX Commodity ERP solution. DycoTrade™ is based on Microsoft’s Dynamics AX, an ERP system with World-Wide coverage. Coverage is provided not only on country specific requirements but also through a huge channel of International Microsoft Resellers and Consultancy organizations. As the requirements in Commodity markets are very specific, DycoTrade HGH BV has always been eager to develop specific modules in this market. With DycoTrade’s recent Customer launches, this promise for the future turns into reality.