DycoTrade Event Postponed – substitute Websessions

As many of you were already informed, this year the DycoTrade Relation Day, as planned for May 12th in Amsterdam (NL) will be postponed to a later date. Due to the current and continuing status of the Covdi-19 pandemic, we had little other choices than to change dates. Currently, we are planning a new date for this annual DycoTrade Get-Together, yet, considering the Worldwide uncertainties we are not sure about a new date. Rest assured we will communicate a new date to you as soon as possible.

That said, we still DO have some valuable information that we would like to share with you. In the upcoming weeks, we have 3 (Remote) web sessions planned, to inform you all on the latest developments with the DycoTrade organization and the DycoTrade Software.

First and foremost consider the birth of a new DycoTrade company: DycoTrade NEXT: http://localhost/news-and-events/dycotrade-next-ready-for-the-future/

May 12th 2020: 15.00 CET / 09.00 EST: “New organization: DycoTrade NEXT”, presented by Aad de Jong, MD – DycoTrade Next

May 19th 2020: 15.00 CET / 09.00 EST: “’ERP selection for coffee and cocoa traders – an overview of solutions and how to asses them” , presented by Valter Marques, Singa Associates (CH)

May  19th 2020: 15.30 CET / 09.00 EST: “Tradesparent (Stresstest, Marge Management)”, presented by Ito van Lanschot

May 26th 2020: 15.00 CET / 09.00 EST: “Roadmap DycoTrade Software solution”, presented by Nick Hoedemakers and Bart Dapper – DycoTrade

Please make sure to register for any of the events above, by return an email to Sander Jansen Sander.Jansen@DycoTrade.com

Shortly before the event you will (either registered or not) receive a “last-minute invitation”.