Follow Up:Commodity Risk & Finance Online!

The Commodity Risk & Finance Online Webinar event was a success

Commodities People’s ComRisk event last week had well over 2.000 registrants for their series of online sessions. Out of those, around 460 people registered for the ComRisk session ‘Risk management in commodity trading in unprecedented times’!

DycoTrade’s Solution Advisor, Ben van der Laan, was involved in a very interactive panel discussion together with Richard Fu (Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. Ltd London Branch), Alex Whittaker (Bonroy Petchem Co Ltd), Dr. Sarad Abdul Rasheed (Savola Group Saudi Arabia), and with Eddie Tofpik (ADM Investor Services International Ltd.) as the moderator.

The topics that were discussed:

???? How is the risk management community responding to the latest issues impacting the global economy:

  • Inflation
  • Geopolitical instability. The impact of war, damaged supply chains, and increased risks to commodity trading
  • Energy and food crisis

???? What are your strategies and how to ensure the resilience of your organization?
???? Risk management challenges going forward; will we ever return to normality as we once knew it?

The panelists came with some well-refined statements as well, such as;

???? It is important, more than ever, to have a solid grip on your business, positions, and risk management. Crucial in this is that you have reliable data, available in real-time. Any delay can damage your position as you respond later than others.

???? As the market is moving a lot these days, Risk management is very important. It’s the foundation of your business. This is because if you couldn’t solve the risk, where does the profit come from?

The advice would be: Have cash enough to manage your business. Don’t leave too much exposure to the market movement. If you have the cash, you hedge. If you don’t have the cash, trade fiscally back to back. You do your business according to your cash flow.

???? Last but not least; Visit Commodity Trading Week London in April! This online session is just a glimpse of what we can discuss together face to face.


If you would like to receive the recording of this session, click here to contact us with the message ”ComRisk 2023 Recording”.  All questions and or remarks about these topics are welcome as well.