Follow Up DigiCom Online: Commodities Digitalisation Forum

Over 260 registrants joined us for the online DigiCom event on Data-Driven Sustainability!

We are delighted to announce that DycoTrade was a part of the Online DigiCom Event: Commodities Digitalisation Forum organized by Commodities People, which took place on 18-19 October.

Ben van der Laan was involved in a very interesting panel discussion together with Mark Hankins (ADM), Kristian Doolan (farmer connect), and Howard Walper (Commodities People) as moderator.

Together they tackled various issues around sustainability from a business point of view, such as:
• Integrating sustainability and carbon footprint in every aspect of the business.
• The value of carbon footprint in daily trading operations.
• Carbon becoming a future commodity in itself and being part of the sales price
• The influence of carbon footprint on your product position.


The DigiCom event

More than 15 expert speakers were diving into 4 high-value, content-driven panel discussions focusing on crucial issues in the commodity trading industry:

Data driven sustainability – a view from the business

A panel discussion on why sustainability must be integrated in every aspect of your business, the value of carbon footprint in your daily trading operations, carbon as a potential future commodity, and more.

CTRMs in exceptional times – friend or foe?

Our expert speakers will explore how CTRMs are standing up to the challenges posed in highly volatile environments, the pros and cons of cloud-based vs on-site, whether one system can do it all, and interoperability challenges.

Advancing data science in the commodity trading industry

A conversation examining how to get the most from your data, integrating prescriptive analytics with your business strategy, new approaches to data management, and whether ML and AI are bringing more complexity.

Exploring future digital business models

Looking at the role of the metaverse, how far your data journey can take you, exploiting quantum computing, and what digital ethics might mean for trading firms now and in the future.


Click here to rewatch the session on Sustainability and get to hear why it is crucial for every trading company to integrate sustainability and carbon footprint into every aspect of the business.


All questions and or remarks about these topics are welcome. We look forward to “seeing” you at our upcoming events!