DycoTrade: 5th annual Relation Event

DycoTrade is proud to further announce her fifth Relation Event in her 5 year history. Our Relations, Customers, Prospects, Partners, a promising program and a brand new location will add to the positive experience of this day: April 5th 2018, Aalsmeer, at DycoTrade Headquarters.
“We are happy to have this event hosted on our own premises. It provides all our relations to explore our new office location” smiles Ouko Reitsema (Managing Director). DycoTrade relocated by the very end of last year (2017) and now resides, still in Aalsmeer, but is equipped with improved facilities. “a big step forward” adds Arie Willem van der Plas (Managing Director), “our previous location became too small, and for the foreseeable growth in the near future we really needed to move”.

This year, therefore, the Event will be hosted in DycoTrade Office, on Thursday April 5th. We found many partners prepared to deliver interesting presentations. Some technical, some related to business, some with huge enhancements in the DycoTrade – Dynamics Solution as provided by DycoTrade. Among the presentations are Improven, KPMG, Microsoft, Targit BI Solutions (DK), SaasPlaza, Dynamic People, and Jet Reports Benelux.

On Friday April 6th DycoTrade will share insights on the latest development for the DycoTrade Master application. In a half day session, your will hear (and be heard) regarding our core solution and the latest developments on DycoTrade on Dynamics for Operations 365.

Eager to participate? Let us know! Participation is free of charge, program on Thursday (09.00 – 21.00) includes full catering (Coffee, Tea, Lunch, Diner). For Friday (09.00 – 13.00) a lunch is included in the program.

Further information and registration will be handled upon email to Sander.Jansen@DycoTrade.com or Ouko.Reitsema@DycoTrade.com.

We can be reached by phone as well: +31 20 761 0437