Business Intelligence Reporting

Knowledge is power in the commodity trading industry. Insight and the ability to analyse your business will help you to perform better, grow revenue, reduce costs and reduce risks. The DycoTrade BI Solution consist of a data analytics platform, hosted in Azure, which gathers, process and transform data from Dynamics 365 Dycotrade (and other data sources if desired), to be able to rapport and analyse your data easily and reliable. The BI platform also delivers a set of quick start Power BI reports, enabling you to deploy and use these reports right away. You can easily customize these reports to your own needs.

Some example of quick start reports are:
• Contract analyses (purchase, sales, futures, forex)
• Sales analyses (revenue, costs and margin against budget)
• Product Position and Risk Management
• Mark-to-Market value
• Back Office Performance
• Cash Flow Forecast

All information is summarized via KPI’s and other visualisations in highly flexible management dashboards which are securely shared within your organisation.

Your industry has its own focus and specific needs. We know your market and speak your language.

Through the years DycoTrade has become very experienced in implementing solutions for customers worldwide. Whenever availability and/or support are required from a local Dynamics AX partner, DycoTrade can provide them through its international partner network.

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