DycoTrade NEXT – Ready for the Future

Considering the times we are in, one might want to participate in our enthusiasm for the latest developments in and around the DycoTrade Organization. We would like to share with you the launch of a new DycoTrade branch: DycoTrade NEXT.

DycoTrade NEXT will be, from the start, a full-grown, mature organization with 10 experienced professionals, providing services and solutions based new (latest) technologies.

State of the Art, cutting edge, and available for all current and new DycoTrade relations, prospects and customers. PowerApps, MobileApps, Power BI and Data Analytics, PowerAutomate, Power Virtual Agents and other new technology features, including SmartContracts and for instance Blockchain technologies. Even Change- and  Transformation management is in good hands with DycoTrade Next Specialists.

DycoTrade is proud to have this extension available as per today.


We serve your market

Your industry has it’s own focus and specific needs. We know your market and speak your language.

DycoTrade HGH BV and its predecessors have been active in providing services to commodity trading business for over 20 years. As of 2013 with a full focus on commodity trading companies, in Food, Feed and Metals. The DycoTrade company designs, develops, implements, maintains and supports the DycoTrade Software with services for companies worldwide.