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Interoceanic Corporation Live with DycoTrade

DycoTrade is proud to have Interoceanic Corporation (New York) Live on DycoTrade. Interoceanic Corporation is a global player in fertilizers located in the USA. Decisions regarding the implementation of DycoTrade were made in Q4 2018 and after. Read more.


New Partnership, DycoTrade extends to Canadian Markets

DycoTrade is proud to announce a new partnership abroad in a continuous effort to develop new markets for DycoTrade. In May an extensive cooperation has been set up between Olympus Solutions Inc (Canada, and DycoTrade HGH BV. Read more.


DycoTrade Customer Event 2019: Rotterdam re-visited

Thursday May 9th 2019 we are running our DycoTrade Customer Event 2019. Great to have our customers and partners together in a very inspiring environment, the SteamShip Rotterdam. This former Cruise vessel is one of the greatest. Read more.


DycoTrade Awarded: FD-Gazellen Award 2018

It has been DycoTrade’s honour today (October 17th 2018) to receive the Dutch FD-Gazellen award 2018. This award is a national Dutch recognition for companies showing a stable yet rapid growth over several years.

“Great”, says Arie Willem van der. Read more.


DycoTrade: 5th annual Relation Event

DycoTrade is proud to further announce her fifth Relation Event in her 5 year history. Our Relations, Customers, Prospects, Partners, a promising program and a brand new location will add to the positive experience of this day: April. Read more.