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After a thorough selection process, DycoTrade is proud to announce that IPS Ingredis has chosen DycoTrade as business application for the future. IPS-Ingredis holds office in Switzerland, with a most important trading branche in Dubai.

“The broad selection of markets that IPS serves is great for DycoTrade. These markets are well known to us, so we are confident that DycoTrade will provide a fine solution”, Arie Willem van der Plas says. “Still”, Arie Willem continues, “IPS was very serious and thorough in their approach for selection, a process where Price Waterhouse Coopers was involved”. All parties evaluated the proposition and contract was finalized recently.

The international aspects and the glooming Dubai implementation are great for DycoTrade. “More international exposure for DycoTrade and a stronghold in Dubai will emphasize our international proposition, as DycoTrade is running in 34 countries” adds Ouko Reitsema. The recent success is a further confirmation for the “FD Gazelle Award”, a recently awarded national recognition for DycoTrade’s solid growth in the last three years and customer satisfaction.

About IPS Ingredis:
With the ultimate goal to fully digitize the user experience for the sourcing and selling of ingredients, concentrates, additives and flavors, our digital launch brings our complete product portfolio online to the first worldwide eTrade service platform.

Built on trusted customer and supplier partnerships developed over a number of years, our portfolio is supported by an international team of food and beverage trading experts that bring specialized knowledge in both the products and countries we source from and deliver to, helping us source with the utmost care to ensure the best product profile for your goods.

More information:

Ouko Reitsema: OREI@DycoTrade.com