All the essential documents used in shipment

DycoTrade generates all the essential documents used in shipment, such as: shipping instructions, bills of lading, certificates, customs declarations and delivery terms. Shipments can be sorted according to the ship-owner or container.

DycoTrade allows users to generate both pending and final invoices.

Efficient predefined overview of transport costs

Freight rates
Shipping and trucking rates can be imported to enable efficient and effective goods shipment. Pre-calculations are generated as based on route templates, containing all your predefined transport costs.

Trade Agreements
Products can be purchased or sold in any unit of measure, quantity or currency. Conversion between different inventory units and currencies is performed automatically. The system allows users to generate orders with partial or delayed deliveries. Multiple shipment orders are possible as well.


DycoTrade supports production functionality for companies having their own production line or outsourcing certain production processes to another party, for example: blending, mixing and product enhancement. Production module in DycoTrade includes Quality Assurance/Management and Track & Trace features.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Companies with their own storage capabilities can benefit from DycoTrade’s extended WMS functionality. Automatic restock from bulk to picking locations, picking optimization, barcode scanning and cross docking are just a few examples of processes that can be managed within the WMS module.