The Dycotrade Modules

DycoTrade allows you to manage your company’s trading operations smartly and easily.

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Based on the newest Microsoft technology – Dynamics 365 F&O, following the newest trends in IT, allowing you to simplify your logistical and trading daily operations, characterized by user friendly interface and ease of use is what makes it an exceptional product. DycoTrade serves as a single tool to manage all of the processes crucial to commodity trading: physical, foreign currency and future trading.

The logistics module within DycoTrade allows you to manage your company’s logistical activities smart and easy, while offering both comprehensive and deep functionality.

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Our modules


Using the Trading module in DycoTrade, you can manage all your trading activities, from items and delivery to prices and cash flow. All trades generated by DycoTrade are attuned to.

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All your logistical processes will be tackled efficiently within DycoTrade. The system provides extended functionality for shipping, invoicing, sales and contracts.

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Within DycoTrade you can evaluate your trade risks to a significant extent. You can access a real-time overview of your commodities and currency position.

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Extended functionality of the Accounting module in DycoTrade will allow you to efficiently manage all of your financial processes.

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